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Sifu Yip Pui (Terence) Collection - Ip Man Lineage

Uploaded at 08:19:59 on Monday 22nd of February 2010 By Sh1n0b1


D-1: Basic Techniques 1
Basic techniques including stance, straight punch, shifting, tan-sau, tan-sau & punch, gaun-sau, gaun-sau & punch, thrust kick, tan-bong, kwun-sau, etc. are shown one by one. This video helps beginners lay a good foundation. It is easy to follow the instructions. Practicing with video day by day, one will definitely enter the Wing Chun system.

D-2: Basic Techniques 2
Basic techniques include straight punch vs. straight punch, tan-sau & punch vs. hook punch, gaun-sau & punch vs upper cut, gaun-sau vs thrust kick, pak-da & block, lup-da, single hand chi-sau, etc. They are shown one by one. It is set for two people to practice together. It is good for beginners to improve coordination and foundation.

D-3: Siu-Nim-Tau Form & Applications
Master Terence Yip demonstrates Siu-Nim-Tau form with picture-in-picture effects to give you two angles of views of form demonstration simultaneously. Applications of movement are presented. Instructional steps to chi-sau are included. This video helps to learn and improve Siu-Nim-Tau and applications. Some chi-sau techniques are included.

D-4: A Complete Wing Chun Lesson
Wing Chun is a multi-faceted discipline. Join Sifu Yip Pui for a thorough session in his New York studio - from your own home! Includes Wing Chun warm ups, form practice, routine techniques practice, two-person drills, some long pole, wooden dummy and lots of Chi-Sau work.

D-5: Step by Step Chi-Sau 1
This video explores the foundation of Chi-Sau, an unusual drilling method that trains students in very close-range fighting skills. Covers basic techniques, single hand Chi-Sau, Loc-Sau, Lup-Da Chi-Sau combinations and free-hand Chi-Sau.

D-6: Chum-Kiu Form and Application
Master Yip demonstrates Chum-Kiu form and application. Movements are demonstrated one by one. Application of movements are presented. This instructional video helps learn Chum-Kiu form and application. Picture-in-picture effects give good views of the form demonstration.

D-7: Biu-Tze Form and Application
Master Yip demonstrates Biu-Tze form with picture-in-picture effects. Movements are demonstrated individually and repeatedly. Key points of movements are clearly pointed out. Application of movements are demonstrated. This video helps learn Biu-Tze form and application efficiently.

D-8: Wooden Dummy Form
Master Terence Yip demonstrates Wooden Dummy form with picture-in-picture effects. Different angles of the form are shown. Movements are demonstrated individually and repeatedly. Key points of movements are clearly pointed out. This video helps learn Wooden Dummy form efficiently.

D-9: Wooden Dummy Applications
Master Terence Yip demonstrates the applications of the Wooden Dummy techniques. Applications are shown one by one repeatedly. Important points of applications are emphasized. This video can help to learn the applications thoroughly.

D-10: Luk-Dim-Boon-Kwun (MISSING)
Address fundimental long pole weapon defense. Covers basic techniques, Luk-Dim-Boon-Kwun form, demonstrates two-person movement applications and Chi-Kwun (sticking pole). Displays different angles for superior demonstration.

D-11: Bart-Cham-Dao Form
Master Terence Yip demonstrates original Bart-Cham-Dao form with picture-in-picture effects that show two angles of the form at the same time.. He demonstrates the movements one by one and he demonstrates how to do the movements. Key movements like turning the knives are clearly shown. This video is good for one to learn the Bart-Cham-Dau form.

D-12: Wing Chun Kicks & Chi-Gerk
Master Yip demonstrates Wing Chun kicks one by one. Every kick is clearly analyzed. Sources and applications of the kicks are demonstrated. Variations of the kicks are demonstrated. Chi-gerk (sticking legs) is shown step by step to help one learn chi-gerk. This video helps learn original Wing Chun kicks and precious chi-gerk.

D-14: Yip's Double Short Sticks (MISSING)
Master Yip created a form of double short sticksby modifying the movements of Bart-Cham-Dao form. The movements are practical. The sticks are 18 inches long and square. It is easy to carry them in a backpack. The form is shown in picture-in-picture. Every movement is shown clearly. It is easy to learn the form.

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